Baryogenesis in the Zee-Babu model with arbitrary ξ gauge

Journal: Physical Review D

Author: Vo Quoc Phong, Nguyen Chi Thao, and Hoang Ngoc Long




We consider the baryogenesis picture in the Zee-Babu model. Our analysis shows that electroweak phase transition (EWPT) in the model is a first-order phase transition at the 100 GeV scale, its strength ranges from 1 to 4.15 and the masses of charged Higgs boson are smaller than 300 GeV. The EWPT is strengthened by only the new bosons and this strength is enhanced by arbitrary ξ gauge. However, the ξ gauge does not break the first-order EWPT or, in other words, the ξ gauge is not the cause of the EWPT. This leads to the fact that the calculation of EWPT in Landau gauge is enough; and the latter may provide baryon-number violation (B-violation) necessary for baryogenesis in the relationship with nonequilibrium physics in the early universe.