Multiple supercontinuum generation based on a single mode‐locked seed fiber laser

Journal: Microwave and Optical Technology Letters

Author: Iraj S. AmiriN. A. Hassan , H. Ahmad



In this work, multiple supercontinuum spectrum generation using single pulsed seed fiber laser is demonstrated. A mode‐locked laser that operates at 17.6 MHz repetition rate is filtered into six different wavelengths with 1 nm full‐width‐half‐maximum over the range from 1560.4 nm to 1565.4 nm using a tunable band‐pass filter. Each filtered wavelength is amplified and launched into a highly nonlinear medium to generate supercontinuum. The multiple supercontinuum spectra span a bandwidth of over 1000 nm each—in the wavelength range from 1200 nm to 2200 nm.