[Nanoscale] High Magnetisation, Monodisperse and Water-dispersible CoFe@ Pt Core/shell Nanoparticles

Journal : Nanoscale 9, 8952-8961 (2017).

Authors: Ngo T. Dung,  Nguyen Viet Long,  Le T. T. TamPham H. NamLe D. TungNguyen X. Phuc,  Le T. Lu  and  Nguyễn Thị Kim Thanh


High magnetisation and monodisperse CoFe alloy nanoparticles are desired for a wide range of biomedical applications. However, these CoFe nanoparticles are prone to oxidation, resulting in the deterioration of their magnetic properties. In the current work, CoFe alloy nanoparticles were prepared by thermal decomposition of cobalt and iron carbonyls in organic solvents at high temperatures. Using a seeded growth method, we successfully synthesised chemically stable CoFe@Pt core/shell nanostructures. The obtained core/shell nanoparticles have high saturation magnetisation up to 135 emu g−1. The magnetisation value of the core/shell nanoparticles remains 93 emu g−1 after being exposed to air for 12 weeks. Hydrophobic CoFe@Pt nanoparticles were rendered water-dispersible by encapsulating with poly(maleic anhydride-alt-1-octadecene) (PMAO). These nanoparticles were stable in water for at least 3 months and in a wide range of pH from 2 to 11.