Review article Sysers: The important model of self-reproducing system

Journal: Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 

Author: David B. Saakian, Vladimir G. Red'ko




The current work describes the model of sysers. Syser is the abbreviation of SYstem of SElf-Reproduction. Syser is the model of rather general and universal system of self-reproduction. The model of sysers was initially proposed as macromolecular self-reproducing systems. However, this model is close to self-reproducing system of biological cells, moreover, sysers characterize general architectures of self-reproducing entities. In particular, the architecture of sysers is very similar to the architectures of self-reproducing automata investigated by John von Neumann. The paper describes the general features of sysers. The operation of sysers has been characterized mathematically. The new model of the searching syser that has the control system for regulation of movement toward preferable places in the environment has been proposed and analyzed. The efficiency of operation of the searching syser has been demonstrated. Relations of the model of sysers with simple cognitive systems have been discussed.