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Danh sách Công bố theo nhóm nghiên cứu

    Laboratory of Theoretical and Computational Biophysics

    1. First-row transition metal doped germanium clusters Ge16M: some remarkable superhalogens
      We are happy to announce that Dr. Nguyen Minh Tam and colleagues recently published their work entitled "First-row transition metal doped germanium clusters Ge16M: some remarkable superhalogens" on the journal RSC Advances (Royal Society of Chemistry), 2022.

    Laboratory of Advanced Materials Chemistry (AMC)

    1. Effect of multiple rescatterings on continuum harmonics from asymmetric molecules in multicycle lasers
      Dr. Cam-Tu Le and colleagues recently published their work entitled "Effect of multiple rescatterings on continuum harmonics from asymmetric molecules in multicycle lasers" on the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2022.