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Hibernation Model Based on Polariton Successive Filtering

Journal: National Academy Science Letters
Author: N. Pornsuwancharoen

A negative entropic system formed by a close successive polariton filtering within a modified optical add–drop filter is proposed. The device ends are embedded by the gold gratings and TiO2 materials, in which the close successive polariton filtering can be formed. The selected light source is input into the system via the input port. There is no light energy injected and left into and from the system after the initial input, which can be configured as the adiabatic-like system. Polariton forms by the coupling between the intense optical field and the optical dipole generated by the gold grating. The suitable reflector (TiO2 material) lengths are applied to all device ends, from which only a small amount of the polariton output energy can be transmitted and measured at the add port output. By using the Optiwave and MATLAB programs, the polariton outputs regarding wavelength, time and frequency of the stopping states can be found and plotted. The relative polariton negentropic values of the red- and blueshifted signals are also calculated. The maximum relative negentropic value of 6.8 × 1015 m2 s−2 is obtained. The possible hibernation and quantum consciousness interpretation using the proposed system are also discussed.