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Phonon-assisted cyclotron resonance in Pöschl-Teller quantum well

Journal: Journal of Applied Physics
Author: Khang D. Pham

The phonon-assisted cyclotron-resonance (PACR) effect due to the one-photon (1P) and two-photon (2P) absorption processes in a quantum well (QW) with the Pöschl-Teller (PT) potential is studied. The magneto-optical absorption coefficient as functions of photon energy for different QW-parameters, magnetic fields, and temperatures is presented. The calculations are done for four different possible cases: both 1P- and 2P-processes as well as both phonon emission and absorption processes. The numerical results for a GaAs, InAs, InSb, and GaSb PT-QW show that the PACR peaks are blueshifted with κ and magnetic field, redshifted with QW-length, but remained unchanged with temperature. Peak intensities are found to increase with κ and magnetic field and decrease with QW-length but have a complex dependency on the temperature. The full-width at half-maximum is found to increase with κ, magnetic field, and temperature but found to decrease with QW-length. The phonon emission process is always dominant in comparison with absorption. The 2P-process is comparable with the 1P-process and should be taken into account when studying the PACR in QWs