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Potential algebra approach to quantum mechanics with generalized uncertainty principle

Journal: Physics Letters A
Author: Pinaki Roy

In this note, we study the potential algebra for several models arising out of quantum mechanics with generalized uncertainty principle. We first show that the eigenvalue equation corresponding to the momentum-space Hamiltonian

H = −(1 + β p2) d/dp (1 + β p2)dp d + g(g − 1)β2 p2 − gβ,

which is associated with some one-dimensional models with minimal length uncertainty, can be solved by the unitary representations of the Lie algebra su(2) if g ∈ { 12 , 1, 32, 2,•••}. We then apply this result to spectral problems for the non-relativistic harmonic oscillator as well as the relativistic Dirac oscillator in the presence of a minimal length and show that these problems can be solved solely in terms of su(2).