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Seminar - March 19, 2020

Speaker Institute Title of the talk Date - Place
Dr. Le Cam Tu Laboratory of Advanced Materials Chemistry (AMC) - AIMaS Saccharoquinoline, a Cytotoxic Alkaloidal Meroterpenoid from Marine-Derived Bacterium Saccharomonospora sp.

9:00 am, March 19, 2020

Room C208 - Ton Duc Thang University

Dr. Nguyen Duy Vy Laboratory of Applied Physics (AP) - AIMaS An estimation of airflow speed to levitate a microparticle
Mr. Le Dai Nam Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics Research Group (AMOG) Exact analytical solutions of the Schrödinger equation for a two dimensional purely sextic double-well
Dr. Nguyen Le Minh Tri Laboratory of Advanced Materials Chemistry (AMC) - AIMaS

Role of EDTA in enhancement of photocatalytic activity of NTi3+ co-doped porous titanate-TiO2 rod-like heterojunctions

Fabrication of AgNPs deposited PVA@Cellulose for in-situ detection of Residual Pesticides