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Seminar - March 10, 2021

Speaker Institute Title Date - Place
Mr. Le Dai Nam Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics Research Group (AMOG) - AIMaS

1. Bases of the nine-dimensional MICZ-Kepler problem and their relation

2. Algebraic structure underlying spherical, parabolic and prolate spheroidal bases of the nine-dimensional MICZ-Kepler problem

8:00 am, 10/3/2021


Room F312 - Ton Duc Thang University

MSc. Le Tri Dat Laboratory of Applied Physics (AP) - AIMaS Theoretical study on the optimal thermal excitation of bi-material cantilevers
Dr. Nguyen Dinh Hien

Laboratory of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) - AIMaS


1. Comparison of the full width at half maximum for intra- and inter-subband transitions in semiparabolic and parabolic quantum wells

2. Nonlinear optical transition line-width in quantum well under the influence of phonon confinement