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Enhanced upconversion and near-infrared emissions of co-doped Ho3+/Yb3+ in TeO2–ZnO–Na2CO3–La2O3 tellurite glasses

Journal: Optical Materials Express
Author:  Ho Kim Dan
Link: https://www.osapublishing.org/ome/abstract.cfm?uri=ome-9-10-3998

TeO2–ZnO–Na2CO3–La2O3 (TZNL) tellurite glasses were prepared using a conventional melt-quenching method. The effects of the Mn2+ ions and (Yb3+–Mn2+–Mn2+) trimer on the enhancement upconversion (UC) and near-infrared (NIR) emissions intensity of the co-doped Ho3+/Yb3+ bands in TZNL tellurite glasses were investigated. With the formation of the (Yb3+–Mn2+–Mn2+) trimer and the energy transfer (ET) from Mn2+ and (Yb3+–Mn2+–Mn2+) trimer into Ho3+, the UC/NIR emissions intensity of the co-doped Ho3+/Yb3+ bands was significantly increased. In addition, the ET processes between the Mn2+ and (Yb3+–Mn2+–Mn2+) trimer with Ho3+ were shown.