Nhảy đến nội dung

Seminar khoa hoc

9.00 AM - 10.00 AM: Prof. Hoang Ngoc Long presents the topic: "Strain effect on Electronic and Optical Properties of 2D Janus HfSeO and HfSO" 

Abstract: In this talk Prof. Long present the main properties of axion. The Quantum Electrodynamics with axion is also presented. Based on its interactions, the me methods of discovery are presened. The 3-3-1 model with axion is presented..

10.00 AM – 11.00 AM: Assoc. Prof. Vo V. Vien presents the topic: "3+1 active-sterile neutrino mixing in B-L model with S3xZ4x Z2 symmetry" 

Abstract: We propose a non-renormalizable B-L model with S3xZ4x Z2 symmetry which successfully accommodates the current active-sterile neutrino mixing in 3+1 scheme. The S3 flavor symmetry is supplemented by Z4x Z2 symmetry to consolidate the Yukawa interaction of the model. The presence of S3xZ4x Z2 flavour symmetry plays an important role in generating the desired structure of the neutrino mass matrix. The model can reproduce the recent observed active-neutrino neutrino oscillation data for normal ordering in which two sterile-active mixing angles θ14, θ24 get the best-fit values and the obtained values of θ34, δ14, δ24, the sum of neutrino mass and the effective neutrino masses are within their currently allowed ranges.